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"Bee"ing Creative with Titles

There's nothing like a catchy title to polish off that perfect scrapbook page. Creative titles and captions not only tie together decorative elements in your page but connect the theme of your photos. They make you laugh, cry, and smile as if you were re-living the memory.

But do you ever agonize over how to find that creative and perfect title? We all do! There are many great books and resources out there for title ideas. Take a peek the next time you are in your local craft store. But you and your scrapping friends can be your best resource! Here's a fun way to conjure up creative titles for your next page.  The next time you you are scrapbooking with friends, pass around several sheets of papers with a theme at the top. Have each person write 2-3 titles or captions that might be used with that theme and then pass it on!!  By the end of fun (admist all of the giggles and laughing as they read the group's creations) you will have some great title inspiration! Don't forget to photocopy the lists so everyone can have a copy.  It's a fun way to brainstorm for some catchy titles and captions.

Here are some catchy "Bee" titles compiled by Shelly J. in Salt Lake City, UT.  Hopefully they will help you "bee" creative the next time you are brainstorming for that perfect title.

Let's Bee friends
Bee my Valentine
Bee mine
Bee my honey
Happy Bee-day
Bee happy
Bee-lieve in yourself
Just Bee-cause
You're bee-utiful
Bee-cause we're friends
Bee-cause you're special
What's the latest Buzz
Have a honey of a day
I'm wild about you honey
You're a bit-o-honey
As sweet as honey to the bee...is the kindness shown by you to me
Home is where my honey is
Buzzing with fun
My heart bee-longs to you
Honey, you're the best
Bee-cause you're my honey

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